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MSc in Computer System Management

Mode of Study: Campus Learning | Distance Learning

Master in Computer System Management is targeted at those wishing to enter into the IT Sector. The aim of this programme is to impart the understanding and skills required to manage complex computer systems as part of the support services of an organisation. This will include selection, installation, maintenance and support of a wide range of computing technologies and an understanding of currently recommended computing technologies. Graduates can expect to find employment with software houses, IT companies, computer services divisions of companies, financial services organizations, defense contractors or government IT agencies and as researchers/research students within universities.

Programme details: The programme consists of core (required) and elective modules as detailed below. Some modules may have pre-requisites (i.e. may require the student to pass another module or set of modules first). Some modules may be co-requisite (i.e. such modules are required to be taken together). The number at the end of the module in parenthesis indicates the credit load of the module. 1 credit is equal to 10 hours of learning (guided and independent combined); therefore a 10 credit module requires on average 100 hours of learning from the student.

Core modules:

  • C6 - DCN: Data Communication and Networking (10)
  • C6 - IWP: Internet and Web Programming (10)
  • C7 - SAD: Systems Analysis and Design (10)
  • C5 - SOE: Software Engineering Foundations (10)
  • C7 - MIS: Management Information Systems (10)
  • C6 - SQA: Software Quality and Assurance (10)
  • C9 - PRM: Project Management (20)
  • C9 - CNS: Computer Network Security (20)
  • C9 - RPP: Research Methods and Project Planning (20)
  • C9 - EAI: Enterprise Application Integration (20)
  • C9 - PWD: Project Work and Dissertation (60)

Recommended Full time study path (For IT Students: 1 ½ Years, For Non IT Students: 2 Years):

Year Sem Module Credits
Year 1Sem 1C6 - DCN: Data Communication and Networking10
C6 - IWP: Internet and Web Programming10
C7 - SAD: Systems Analysis and Design10
C5 - SOE: Software Engineering Foundations10
C7 - MIS: Management Information Systems10
C6 - SQA: Software Quality and Assurance10
Sem 2C9 - PRM: Project Management20
C9 - CNS: Computer Network Security20
<<Electives any one>>
C9 - EOT: E-Commerce Technology 20
C9 - DBS: Database Management20
C9 - OBI:Organizational Behavior 20
Year 2Sem 3C9 - RPP: Research Methods and Project Planning20
C9 - EAI: Enterprise Application Integration20
<<Electives any one>> 
C9 - IRD: Information Retrieval and Data Mining20
C9 - HRM: Human Resources Management20
C9 - ISM:Information Security Management20
Sem 4C9 - PWD: Project Work and Dissertation60