Digitally Enabled Education – Using Technology to Expand Access

Botho University is well known for its digital proficiency and tech-forward focus due to our origins as a computer training institution in the late 90s. Investment made into technology have helped Botho University become a highly efficient, lean and agile organisation with the capacity to scale upto the demands of our environments. We were also the first institution in Africa to be selected by the International Finance Corporation, the financial arm of The World Bank to conduct their Digital For Tertiary Educational Providers (D4TEP) assessment which analyses the digital maturity of educational institutions.

As a modern university, Botho University prides itself on being a technology driven institution in every aspect. The university is mostly paperless and all teaching, learning and administration is primarily based on a wide range of highly sophisticated ERP systems which expect a certain minimal level of digital literacy and proficiency from all our students and staff for which they are adequately supported and continuously trained.The COVID 19 pandemic in 2020 underlined Botho University’s technological expertise when all teaching and learning was successfully migrated to online literally learning overnight. All lecturers and students from all campuses were supported to adapt to online learning ensuring that Botho University was one of the rare institutions that faced no disruptions to their learning and teaching. Botho University has been also invited and recognised by many institutions locally, regionally and internationally to showcase the use of our learning management system and digital outlook for efficient teaching and learning delivery.

The substantial investments in technology made with the foresight of our institutional leadership over so many years, combined with our quality teaching and learning resources ensured that Botho University was well positioned to transition into offering high quality online learning programmes. Along with the technology, Botho University has also made heavy investments into proper support structures to ensure that all our online learners are well supported to achieve their professional goals when they enrol with us.