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As part of its 20th anniversary celebrations and community engagement activities, Botho University held a Career Guidance Workshop for Senior Teachers of Senior Secondary Schools on Friday 3rd November 2017, co-sponsored with the American Embassy.

The purpose of this workshop, held at the Gaborone campus, was to provide over 65 teachers with the tools, information, and resources they need to identify their student career goals, in recognition of the vital role teachers play in the lives of our future leaders. The workshop gave Career Guidance teachers insight into local, regional and global labour market trends and how these align with Higher Education.

The workshop provided teachers with clear, actionable information about how to guide students to their right career path. The teachers explored the use of psychometric testing or interest inventory testing and were trained on regional and global labour market trends, approaches to career guidance, personal development and career interest inventory case study analysis. Botho University found the need to continuously enhance career guidance programmes in schools by drawing from regional and international practices.

Energetic specialized facilitators included Deputy Permanent Secretary of Basic Education Mr Simon Coles; Dr Patrick Moluti, Partner Joint Minds Consult; Lauren Claassen and Professor Burke Alban from the Career Services Unit, University of Johannesburg; Kristina Salenstedt Linder of Gymnasium School, through a con-call from Sweden; Priyanka Handa Ram,a teacher and Director at Raising Education Within Africa (R.E.W.A.); and US English Fellow Marie Snider. Through the presentations, such as Priyanka Handa Ram’s interactive take on personal development for teenagers, the teachers were able to understand the most important aspects of their role as career guidance and counselling teachers.

Botho University created a unique experience for teachers, while the facilitators provided them with tried and tested strategies they can use to engage students and take them through the right process for choosing their career path.

It is hoped that follow up interactions between teachers and Botho University will continue to establish the impact of the workshop. One of the participants Mr. Oarabile James Koboekae gave a vote of thanks on behalf of all teachers.