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Master of Business Administration - MBA

Mode of Study: Campus Learning | Distance Learning

The Master of Business Administration facilitates the Professional and Corporate development of Business Leaders and Aspiring Business Managers, Prospective Business Managers and Entrepreneurs as reflective corporate practitioners in the Business Field. The programme achieves this by developing Graduates with Knowledge, Skills and Competencies to manage Business Organizations at national, regional and international platform.

Career opportunities include:

  • Business Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • College lecturers
  • Corporate Branding Specialist
  • Corporate Managers
  • Researcher
  • Policy Maker
  • Prospective Business Managers
  • Secondary school business teachers

Programme details The programme consists of 11 core (required) modules and 8 Elective Modules. The Research Methodology is a pre-requisite for the Dissertation in the MBA Programme. Some modules may be co-requisite (i.e. such modules are required to be taken together). The number at the end of the module in parenthesis indicates the credit load of the module. 1 credit is equal to 10 hours of learning (guided, in-class and independent combined); therefore a 10-credit module requires on average 100 hours of learning from the student. The MBA Programme will be Block Release and Distance Learning.

Core modules:

  • G9-CBS-17: Collaborative Business Strategies (10)
  • G9-MIS-17: Management Information System (20)
  • G9-MAC-17: Management Accounting (20)
  • G9-PMT-17: Project Management (10)
  • G9-MEC-17: Managerial Economics (10)
  • G9-MGT-17: Marketing Management (20)
  • G9-FMT-17: Financial Management (20)
  • G9-DAS-17: Decision Analysis (10)
  • G9-STM-17: Strategic Management (20)
  • G9-BRM-17: Business Research Methods (20)
  • G9-DIS-17: Dissertation (60)

Elective Modules

Select two from the following:

  • G9-IIA-17: International Investment Analysis (10)
  • G9-RMF-17: Risk Management in Financial Institutions (10)
  • G9-FTM- 17: Financial Markets and Treasury Management (10)
  • G9-SMG-17: Strategic Marketing (10)
  • G9-NPD-17: New Product Development and Management
  • G9-OPS-17: Operations Strategy (10)
  • G9-TPN-17: Technopreneurship (10)
  • G9-BST-17: Business Statistics  (10)


Recommended full-time study path (2 Year):

Year Sem Module Credits
Year 1Sem 1G9-CBS-17: Collaborative Business Strategies10
G9-MIS-17: Management Information System20
G9-MAC-17: Management Accounting20
G9-PMT-17: Project Management10
Sem 2G9-MEC-17: Managerial Economics10
G9-MGT-17: Marketing Management20
G9-FMT-17: Financial Management20
G9-DAS-17: Decision Analysis10
Year 2Sem 3G9-STM-17: Strategic Management20
G9-BRM-17: Business Research Methods20
Elective any two 
G9-IIA-17: International Investment Analysis10
G9-RMF-17: Risk Management in Financial Institutions10
G9-FTM- 17: Financial Markets and Treasury Management10
G9-SMG-17: Strategic Marketing10
G9-NPD-17: New Product Development and Management10
G9-OPS-17: Operations Strategy10
G9-TPN-17: Technopreneurship10
G9-BST-17: Business Statistics 10
Sem 4G9-DIS-17: Dissertation40


Admissions Criteria

1) Applicants are expected to have completed any  Bachelor’s Degree, preferably from a recognised institution.

2) Applicants must have at least two years of work experience.

3) For enquiries and more information please visit our General Admissions Information page