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The Teaching Excellence Department held the following trainings to facilitate its mandate of improving the quality of teaching and learning:

1. Teaching Excellence Talk: On the 21st of September 2017, Professor Lekoko, an author, researcher and lecturer of Education at the University of Botswana presented a Teaching Excellence talk under the topic, “Just one Step toward Winning Teacher-Learner Connections: An Intergenerational Mind-set.” In her address, Dr. Lekoko emphasised the need for teachers to understand the mind-set of the current generation of learners in order to better help them in their learning. She further highlighted that success in the classroom today hinges on the ability of teachers to fully appreciate the intergenerational mind-set of learners, and its implication on classroom dynamics. This brought high levels of insight and was greatly appreciated by all the attendees.

2. Coffee with TED: On the 10th of November 2017, the Teaching Excellence Department hosted the teaching staff of Botho University in a breakfast session whose main objective was to engage in dialogue on issues that affect the quality of teaching in the university as a whole. The breakfast session was meant to provide an informal space, at which productive discussions could be held collectively. The initiative was appreciated by all in attendance, with contributions made into how the teaching quality gaps in the institution can be dealt with.

3. Student Motivational Session: The Teaching Excellence Department treated the student body to a session of fun and learning, on the 19th of October, when it hosted Goaba Mojakgomo, a talented and celebrated former radio personality. Mr Mojakgomo addressed students under the theme, “Harnessing 21st Century Skills for Employability.” The event included a health and fitness session which was coordinated by professional trainers. Various students in attendance appreciated the advice and counsel the radio personality gave them, this made the event a success.

4. Inaugural Teaching Excellence Talk—Maseru Campus: The Teaching Excellence Department conducted the first teaching excellence talk in Maseru. The talk was delivered by Professor Burk Alban (University of Johannesburg) and Dr. Matete Madiba (University of Pretoria). The two presenters spoke on student engagement techniques as well as on systems approach to assuring quality of learning and teaching. The ground-breaking event was attended by all Botho University-Maseru staff and staff from seven other tertiary institutions in Lesotho.

The Teaching Excellence Department aims to continue in providing the support needed to improve the quality of learning and teaching in Botho University in various innovative ways.