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As part of the university’s celebration of its 20 years of existence, Botho University has committed to library capacity building in 20 schools around Botswana. Twenty specially selected schools, primary and secondary, will receive books and have their library spaces enhanced as part of the university’s celebration activities. Under the theme Setting the gear for excellence Botho University is engaging in activities that reach out to stakeholders and communities in Botswana.

The ongoing library capacity building initiative involves donating books and other learning materials, enhancing the physical library space, and imparting basic managerial and operational skills to library personnel. This initiative is Botho University’s contribution towards improved primary school examination results and cultivating a reading culture among pupils from a young age.

Activities started in August 2017 with Francistown Campus at Busang Primary School in Tsetsebjwe in the Bobirwa region. In September, Satellite Primary School in Francistown and Borolong Primary schools in Central region were the next to benefit.

Gaborone Campus visited West Hanahai Primary School in Ghanzi region, Phuduhudu Primary School in Hukuntsi region, Nhake Primary School in Tsabong region and Gakgatla Primary School in Thamaga region.

Events at different schools were attended by Ministry of Basic Education representatives from respective regions, Dikgosi, Parents Teachers Association Chairpersons, Village Development Committee Chairpersons and other authorities from different government ministries. Attendance by various stakeholders was proof that education is not left to teachers alone.

In her message to the schools, the activity lead coordinator and Librarian Ms Kate Nkoko said, “Botho University has a mandate to contribute to community social change by any means that is relevant. The University focus is to educate and help shape the character of a learner into an all rounded knowledgeable professional, whom the community defines as having Botho.”

“It goes beyond just us,”Nkoko added. “As we donate these books, we commit those collecting them to distribute to eager young minds. However, we must be mindful that while we instill a culture of reading, we need to make books and reading exciting and appealing as the books compete with other alluring activities that could easily distract their attention.

The enhanced spaces which are now painted, featuring new carpets and furniture, with books arranged accordingly on shelves with clear labelling, give a fresh and warm welcome to the school community.

Education authorities and students greatly appreciated the donated revision texts as they come just in time for examination preparations. These books are a highly recommended resource many cannot afford to own. All schools that received the donations hope for improved results in the year to come.