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1. What is Distance-learning, how does it operate, does a student have to attend classes? 

In blended and distance learning (BDL) at the Botho University, there are no fixed study times, your online classroom is always open. This enables you to choose when and where to learn, making it much easier to fit your studies around your other commitments at home and at work. You can study anywhere, any time and you will take part in discussions in your virtual classroom (discussion forum), guided by your subject lecturer. You take part in the discussions asynchronously, at your own time by posting well-thought out comments in the online classroom, reading the answers of fellow students and responding to their comments. This collaborative approach enables you to demonstrate your understanding of the subject, while also learning and sharing knowledge with your peers from all over. Throughout your course, you will be assessed on both the quality of your participation in the online discussions, and on your written assignments.

2. Are scholarships available for online programmes?

Currently we only have self sponsored students under this study mode. However this does not limit applicants from sourcing for sponsorship from potential sponsors.

3. What are entry requirements for your Online programmes?

Bachelor's Degree Applicants are expected to have successfully completed secondary schooling.  The typical minimum entry requirement is BGCSE, IGCSE, LGCSE or other equivalent secondary school leaving qualification with a minimum of five subjects passed with a grade of D or better. The Admissions Department maintains a points table which indicates the points awarded to prospective students for a given grade for a given secondary school qualification.  These points are used to determine a more detailed entry requirement per programme.
Postgraduate Qualifications ( PG Diploma, Masters degree) Applicants are expected to have completed an undergraduate degree preferably up to honours level at a reputed institution.  Specific programmes may have additional entry requirements.

4. What technology requirements do I need for online programmes? 

You will need at least basic computer operation skills e.g knowledge of internet, MS Word, MS Excel and MS Powerpoint and you must have regular access to a reliable internet connection as your studies will be done online through a virtual learning environment called Blackboard.

5. Are programmes accredited? 

Our distance learning (DL) programmes are accredited by Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA).

6. Is an online degree any different from the one that is earned on-campus?

Online and On-campus learning are modes of study.  The qualifications obtained are the same as both study modes have similar credits and learning outcomes to be achieved before graduation. 

7. When is the next intake? 

We have 6 intakes in a year (January, March, May, July, September and November) so as to allow flexibility in joining anytime during the year, if you miss one intake there is only a one month break in between your next enrollment.

8. What documents do I need to submit when making an application?

Provide attested copies of your current certificate/s, transcripts and copy of ID/Passport (In case there has been change in name/s  applicants are expected to submit proof of change of the same, in form of  affidavit or marriage certificate.

9. Is the application done online or I have to come there physically?

Applications are done online through this application portal Documents must also be uploaded upon application. For further inquiries send to or contact +267 3635477

10. Are there hidden fees apart from the tuition fee, i.e. exam or registration fees?

Apart from tuition fees, there is registration fee of $50.00 which is payable only once at the beginning of the programme. There is also a block release charge of $100.00 per day but is applicable only to programmes which have that arrangement for example a programme like BSc (Hons) in Network Security & Computer Forensics or BSc (Hons) in Hospitality Management which have got some practical components whose physical attendance is compulsory.

11. Do you have any flexible payment mode?

Our fees are charged per semester (6 months) but we have a flexible payment plan, a student has an option of paying in 6 monthly installments to ease.

12. What are the modes of payment available?

Payment can be done online through the payment gateway portal upon receipt of the admission letter which is automatically sent via email. In this mail there are links which takes the student to the student portal where they can make payment. The other option is to do Electronic Funds Transfer or deposit using the banking account details provided in the quotation. This information shall be available in the admission offer letter.

13. How are the assessments done, exams or assignments?

Written examinations are done at examination centres approved by Botho University wherever the student is. Assignments are posted on Blackboard (our electronic learning management system) from which a student can access and download. Once you complete the assignment, you send it back to the University via a software called Turnitin or SafeAssign on Blackboard. Turnitin/SafeAssign software is used for checking authenticity of your work before being assessed by your lecturer.

14. Are the examinations done online or I have to come to the University?

For written examinations, you have to appear in person at an approved examination centre by the University. Other assignments can be submitted online.

15. Do you offer some exemptions if I apply with prior qualifications?

We recognize your prior qualifications (Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) in our admission policy.  Where meritted, you will be exempted appropriate modules upon submission of evidence and request for the same by you.

16. Do you have any partnership with other universities world wide?

Yes we do. We have partnership with institutions such as University of Venda (South Africa), Ohio University, Black Hills State University and Wayne University in the USA, Indian School of Mines and Manipal University (India).   

17. Who is the awarding body for your programmes?

Botho University is the awarding body for its qualifications/programmes.

18.What academic support is given to online students?

i) Online support though emails.
ii) Support through discussion forums on Blackboard.
iii) Academic advisor.
iv) Scheduled meetings between student and lecturer via Skype.

19. What are the learning resources to be used?

i) Videos posted on Blackboard.
ii) Electronic library for e-journals and e-books (not for all books, you may need to buy some books on your own).
iii) Powerpoint slides.
iv) Links, wikis and blogs.

20. Do I need to purchase textbooks or software?

You may need to purchase some books relevant to your programme as advised by the lecturer.
We do not provide physical books, however you will have access to our e-library where you will have access to additional e-resources such as e-books and e-journals. You will be provided with additional learning content on Blackboard by subject lecturer in the form of text, powerpoint slides and videos.

21. Do I have to attend lessons for sometime or it's strictly distance learning?

Distance learning programmes are designed to be studied online. However, on request by you, a block release session(s) can be scheduled. This will be charged at US$100.00 per day in addition to tuition fees already paid.

22. Are there any resits or retakes if it happens maybe I fail any module?

In the event of unsuccessful attempt in an examination, there is provision for retake(s) or supplementary examination(s). This is charged at US$50.00 per paper or exam.

23. Does the institution have a library where I can borrow books?

We have a library in the campus where students are welcome to borrow books. For online students there is e-library where students can download recommended books for further research with their studies rather than coming to the campus. The link for this e-library is available on Blackboard and students can access it anywhere, anytime.

24. Do you have any placement assistance for online students?

Botho University has a department called Student Affairs and Alumni Department (SAAD) which is responsible for providing career and counselling services, academic advising and psycho-social support to students. Their other support regards to placement and internship which deals with connecting students with appropriate internship opportunities and assisting graduates in seeking employment

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